In Harness Racing, we are serious about the health and welfare of our horses. Members of HRBC must be members of Standardbred Canada and uphold the Horse Welfare Statement.


Horse Welfare Statement


As a member of Standardbred Canada, it is your right and your responsibility to uphold the welfare, regardless of value, of horses you own or use or have in your care, and to ensure they are not subjected to abuse, neglect or mistreatment. STANDARDBRED CANADA is committed to:


The standard by which conduct or treatment will be measured is that which a reasonable person, informed and experienced in generally accepted equine practices, would determine to be neither cruel, abusive nor inhumane.


Animal Welfare & Standards

Standardbred Canada is dedicated to the humane treatment and welfare of horses. The cruel, abusive or inhumane treatment of a horse by any owner, trainer, driver, groom or other person must not be tolerated anywhere, under any circumstances.


Code of Practice

Standardbred Canada endorses the Recommended Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines published by the National Farm Animal Care Council and can be accessed by clicking here or by  (copies are also available in the HRBC office) 


Standardbred Canada is aware of the diverse nature of the equine industry and the vital role horses play in a sustainable agricultural economy at the provincial, national and international levels.

Standardbred Canada supports agricultural initiatives and recognizes that Canada's equine meat producers must adhere to industry standards with respect to transportation, feed lots and humane slaughter.

Standardbred Canada acknowledges that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulates the use of horse meat as part of the human and animal food chain. 
Welfare regulations and standards can be found at the CFIA’s website: